Capitalization of Departments, Programs, Centers

Full titles of departments, divisions, centers, programs, long-standing committees, etc. are capitalized.

  • The Department of Surgery recruited a new faculty member.
  • The surgery department recruited a new faculty member.

The generic terms department, division, center, and ad-hoc committees/task forces are lowercased when used alone, unless they need to be capitalized for legal reasons.

  • The department hired a new administrative director in 2008.
  • The search committee was very pleased with the candidate.
  • The NYU Vein Center opened its doors in 2007. The center provides treatment for venous diseases.


The following shortened versions of these entities should be capitalized:

  • Medical Center (for NYU Langone Medical Center)
  • Hospitals (for NYU Hospitals Center; note plural)
  • School (for NYU School of Medicine)
  • University (for New York University) 

For clarity, it is acceptable to capitalize the shortened version of the NYULMC department name only when referring to the department (not the field) and when the word "department" is not used in the sentence.

The task force included representatives from Human Resources, Medicine, and Finance. (Preferred: The task force included representatives from the human resources, medicine, and finance departments.) She completed a fellowship in gynecologic oncology.

Capitalize Program only when it is part of the program's official name. 

  • the Honors Program
  • the Ready Resolve program
  • the community outreach programs

Capitalize Board of Trustees when referring to the Medical Center's board. It is acceptable to capitalize Board when used alone, but not trustee(s). Do not capitalize board of directors or board of trustees for other institutions and companies.