NYU Langone Medical Center Ordered To Evacuate Patients From Tisch Hospital And Rusk Institute Of Rehabilitation Medicine In Anticipation Of Potential Hurricane Impact

NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Not Impacted

August 26, 2011 - 1:42pm

Safety of Patients and Staff Is Medical Center’s Priority


NYU Langone Medical Center will begin evacuating patients this afternoon in accordance with a direct order from the NYC Office of Emergency Management and the NYS Department of Health in anticipation of Hurricane Irene.

Approximately 400 patients at Tisch Hospital and Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine will be impacted by the evacuation. Patients able to be discharged will be sent home. Patients not able to be discharged will be transported to alternate hospitals outside the flood zone. NYU Langone nursing staff will accompany their patients and stay with them as necessary at the alternate location.

In addition, because the medical center is in evacuation status, the Emergency Department is now closed and no new patients will be admitted to Tisch or Rusk.

Families of patients currently at the medical center or scheduled to receive services between now and Monday, August 29th, are advised to call the NYU Langone Office of Patient-Centered Care at 212-263-6906 if they have questions or would like additional information.

(8/26/2011 at 3:00 pm)

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