NYU Cancer Institute Report 2010/2011

Inside This Issue

What do thumbprints, matchmaking, thread, dominoes, flowers & tricycles have in common? Through a series of creative metaphors,  the NYU Cancer Institute 2010/2011 Report illustrates how our collaborative research programs are unified in support of a common goal: eliminating the burden of cancer.  In addition to highlighting some of the peer-reviewed publications of our expert physician scientists, the report outlines six stories of discovery including:

  • Thumbprints: The microbiome’s role in the development of certain cancers
  • Matchmaking: A searchable chemical biology network designed to support the drug development process
  • Thread: New insights into how epigenetics can influence the development of new treatments
  • Dominoes: Innovations in symptom and pain management
  • Flowers: Caring for the caregiver
  • Tricycles: Survivorship