NYU Physician: Winter 2013-2014

Inside This Issue

Tackling the Behavioral Challenges of ADHD
A new program at NYU Langone’s Child Study Center offers the tools to help kids with ADHD succeed in school and beyond.

  • Between Doctors: A broad initiative at NYU Langone Medical Center aims to reduce the risk of miscommunication that can occur when shifts end and doctors transfer care of their patients to another doctor.
  • Is Alzheimer’s in Your Future?: Many researchers now believe that subjects should be told the results of studies evaluating biomarkers for the brain-robbing disease.

Additional Headlines:

  • A Q&A with Pulitzer-prize winning author Dr. David Oshinsky
  • A young women who battled brittle bone disease now stands on her own two feet
  • A renowned surgeon who made medical history joins NYU Langone
  • A potential new weapon against a deadly cancer