Research Report 2012

Inside This Issue


Our 2012 Research Report celebrates the teamwork at NYU Langone Medical Center that is a vital part of our efforts to deliver programmatically driven biomedical research. The teams that we highlight range from established interdisciplinary groups working in cancer, radiology, and cardiology to newly emerging teams coalescing around autism and population health, who are finding the NYULMC environment a fertile one in which to grow.

  • Orthopaedic surgeons are working closely with radiologists, cell biologists, and rheumatologists to unravel the mysteries of osteoarthritis.Team members: Thorsten Kirsch, PhD; Chuanju Liu, PhD; Laith Jazrawi, MD; Eric Strauss, MD; Kenneth Egol, MD; Jose Raya, PhD.
  • New inroads against addiction.Team members: Marc Gourevitch, MD, PHD; John Rotrosen, MD; Perry Halkitis, PhD; Jennifer McNeely, MD; Josh Lee, MD.
  • The Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group.Team members: Iman Osman, MD;  Nina Bhardwaj, MD, PhD; Eva Hernando, PhD; Michelle Krogsgaard, PhD; David Polsky, MD, PhD; Anna Pavlick, DO; Markus Schober, PhD; Judith Goldberg, ScD; Yongzhao Shao, PhD; John Carucci, MD, PhD. 
  • Finding more effective treatments for the electrical abnormalities that interfere with the heart’s normal pumping action. Team members: Glenn Fishman, MD; Larry Chinitz, MD; Greg Morley, PhD; William Coetzee, DSc; Mario Delmar, MD, PhD; Boyce Griffith, PhD.
  • Devising techniques to distinguish reliably between aggressive and nonaggressive prostate tumors.Team members: Andrew Rosenkrantz, MD; Samir Taneja, MD; Daniel Sodickson, MD, PhD; Graham Wiggins, PhD; Bei Zhang, PhD; Henry Rusinek, PhD; Jonathan Melamed, MD.
  • Potential pathways to understanding and treating autism. Team members: F. Xavier Castellanos, MD; Gordon Fishell, PhD; Dan Littman, MD, PhD; Danny Reinberg, PhD; Richard Tsien, DPhil.

Sections Include: New research faculty; research funding; high-impact published research; honors.